Gluhite Kamani

The ‘Deaf Stones’ (Gluhite Kamani) are located at 1,920 m a.s.l. and are natural rock formation at the crest of Chernatitsa ridge, sticking out in a peculiar way inbetween the pine trees, like rhyolite rocks polished by the passage of time. The first two are in the middle of the glade along the trail, and there are many more in the forest, piled up next to or on top of each other. The area is an important crossroad – the trail to Izgrev Hut and Pamporovo to the south, and, to the east, another trail leads to Chudnite Mostove (Wonder Bridges) and the village of Zabardo. To the north, you will see Persentsite, a series of peaks, and to the west – the valley of Vacha river.

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