Orpheus Rocks

Манастир Бачково

The legend goes that here, on this rocks, the mythical singer sat and charmed with his unearthly voice and harp all creatures alive – people, beasts, birds… Truth be told, even without the sweetness of Orpheus’s voice, the panoramic view of the immenseness of the precipice leading to the valley of Smolyan, the surrounding peaks, lakes, glades, fields and forests, will still your mind.

No surprise, it is the most visited place in the area. You can get there from Studenets Hut in just about an hour.  Follow the asphalt road along the col beneath Snezhana peak, then go further south to Kartalova meadow. After a small ascent, followed by a descent, the road crosess glades and sparse forest before ending up at a wooden gazebo and several sign posts.

The rocky hill is in the middle of a spruce forest, almost on top of the ridge of the steep eroded slope above Smolyan lakes; you cannot miss it although be careful – it is hidden just a few meters away of the trail. The unforgettable panorama of the valley of Cherna river and the sparsed Smolyan lakes will display in front of your gaze.

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