Once upon a time, an ancient Thracian and Roman road was passing through Pamporovo. It can be traced in the region of the Dam in the col between Snezhanka and Murgavets peaks to the fountain of SBA Camping. The camping has been privatized but still not furnished for contemporary camping. For about 2 hours, the road goes down by Munevsko dere west of the Sokolitsite, which is a rocky chain of 5 peaks of equal height – 1,700 m a.s.l. Such an equal height is a rare natural phenomenon. It is very well observed from the road above the village of Momchilovtsi in the direction of  Kutela/Vievo.

A marked trail is available just to the far northern rock. Its starting point is 20 m from the road Pamporovo – Smolyan. The rock slope rises more than 200 m above the road, but is relatively easily accessible and clearly visible with the metal Crucifix on top. If you are not afraid of height, you can easily climb to the peak in 20-30 minutes. The peak is a flat stone plate of 15 x 2-4 m. There you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic vew in all directions - Snezhanka tower, Golyam Perelik peak, Arda slopes with its highest peaks, Prespa slopes with Prespa peak. The beginning of the path is marked by a wooden gazebo. This path is part of the longets eco route in the region - 200 km.

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