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The Devil's Bridge is the largest and most majestic bridge in the Rhodopes. It is deservedly considered the jewel in the crown of Ardino municipality, and one of the wonders of Medieval Balkans’s architecture for its amazing elegance and astonishing engineering and technological achievement.

Дяволският мост

The Lakes of Smolyan - the "Emerald Eyes" of the Rhodope Mountains. Above them raise the Orpheus rocks, which give the valley a mystical and unique spirit.

River Arda Springs – people say that here you will find the essence of Rhodopes. The large spring is also the most colorful one - perhaps because of the century-old beech tree, beneath the roots of which seep the drops that give rise to the longest Rhodope river. The whole area itself is picturesque - a wonderful view opens from the north meadow to the green ridges of the Rhodope Mountains.

Trigrad Gorge - a deep gorge running along Trigradska River formed by the eternal march of the water during millions of years. The view of the sheer cliffs is majestic indeed!

Buinovsko Gorge – the longest one in Bulgaria, about 10 km, chiseled by Buinovska River between the villages of Yagodina and Teshel. A place of amazing beauty, but also a very narrow one – at times you may have the feeling of almost touching the vertical shores.

 ‘Orlovo Oko’ (the Eagle’s Eye) – a lookout allowing tourists to enjoy the magnificent views of Buinovsko Gorge, the Rhodope Mountains and even the more distant Rila and Pirin Mountains.

The Horse’s Head (Konska Glava) - a rock formation next to the village of Leshtak, municipality of Madan. It is a part of Kechi Kaya - Koznik eco-trail. The Horse’s Head is another of the many wonders of the Rhodopes.

Valchi Dol Reserve, located south of Studen Kladenets dam, in the area of the villages of Studen Kladenets, Stari Chal and Boynik, is the only place in Bulgaria where you will see the Griffon Vulture breeding and is one of the largest habitats of the endangered tortoises.

The Red Rocks (Chervenata Skala) is a UNCESCO approved biosphere reserve located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, overlooking the remarkable Bachkovo Monastery. A place of exceptional importance due to the richness of the plant and animal species one can find here, as well as the picturesque rock phenomena witin the teritorry of the reserve.

Slivodolsko Waterfall (Slivodolskoto Padalo) – it is the highest (50 m) waterfall in the Rhodopes. You can get there either by the signposted trail from Martsiganitsa Hut or, if you are driving from Plovdiv to Smolyan, the trail that starts right after passing the first tunnel after Bachkovo village, on the left side of the road.

Smolyan Waterfall – a 20 meters high phenomenon, hidden between the trees on the trail connecting the village of Mugla and the Canyon of the Waterfalls.

The Woodland Nymph Waterfall (Samodivskoto Praskalo) – located in the area of Struilitsa - a favorite place for fun and recreation of the residents and guests of the town of Devin; you will find here outdoor swimming pools, therapeutic pool, steam bath, sauna and jaccuzi.

Shiroka Luka village - one of the most popular settlements in Bulgaria; it is an architectural and ethnographic reserve since 1965. The authentic rural atmosphere from 1-2 centuries ago is preserved almost to its fullest; here you will be immersed in one long bygone era - the houses up the slopes, as if perched one on top of the other, traditional dishes, almost intact examples of the everyday life of our ancestors; most hotels are furnished with traditional woolen fabrics and coniferous wood furniture made by local craftsmen. The experience of the short walk from the bridge in fron of the church to the square is unique.

The Ethnographic and Architectural Center in Zlatograd – a unique open-air museum and an architectural reserve. The buildings stand out by the white painted walls, wide oak doors and round chimneys. You will see architectural elements of the art schools of Xanthi and Plovdiv. The houses here are 150-year-old with the typical porches where our ancestors hid from the heat of the day, cobblestone streets, acting handicraft souvenir workshops...

Golyam Perelik peak is the highest peak in the mountain. It is not a challange for climbers, but unfortunately you will not be allowed to go there because of the Bulgarian Army base set there. Your walk will end at the Bear House. Along the way you can collect fragrant and medicinal herbs. The visit of the best of the eco-lodges in Bulgaria, namely the Bear House, will delight and surprise everyone. There is no steam, electricity and water in the House. The reason is that everything there is designed to protect nature and make visitors travel back in time. Every year at the end of July the house hosts a jazz festival. 

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